Muhazi Lake cottages renovation

Existing compound upgrade and landscaping

Year: 2016 - to date
Client: SULFO Rwanda
Size: 350sqm + landscaping
Cost: 60.000$ - 170$/sqm 

    Panoramic view from the main cottage, 2016

The project is limited to the upgrade of the interior spaces of one main building and two secondary cottages. The buildings will not be altered on their volumes, but their accessibility, roofing, finishing and landscaping will be renovated.
The main building consists of one big entry veranda connected to living-dining area. Txisiting in-built furniture is demolished and new counters built. One exterior kitchen and storage will be placed behind the main house body. One existing bedroom is upgraded and the old living area divided to host the new master bedroom on one side and the library towrds the lake shoreline. The wide corridor on the back of the house is transformed in a guest room and the two sanitation facilities in one day toilet and one bathroom accordingly.
The two fired bricks cottages detached from the main building are preserved in their materials and dimensions, but the interiors are renovated to host one big bathroom with a nice view of the lake, a raidsed platform for the bedroom and a small living room. The exterior veranda is upgaded and the retaining wall secured.
All the constructions will be provided with new septic tanks. The water is pumped from the lake, filtered through osmosis and UV filter and re-distributed to the buildings. A generator is also in place to supply electricity in case of power cuts.
The landscaping is designed to secure the access to the shoreline and implement the natural vegetation of the area with local plants and flowers. Gravel and stone pavings are preferred to water proof pavimentations in order to decerease the impact of the construction on the environment. 

    Panoramic view from the dock, 2016

    Dining area proposal, 2016

    Access road, 2016

    Main building elevations, 2016

    Cottages elevations, 2016

    Cottage 1  section, 2016

    Main building section, 2016

    Library area proposal, 2016

    Cottage 1  proposal, 2016