R.O.P. Boarding School

Preliminary Design for the Rwanda Orphans Projects

    View of the main access and admin, 2015

Year: 2015
Client: R.O.P.
Size: 8500sqm
Cost: TBD
One of ROP’s main goal for the new Centre is to be as self- suf cient as possible. This brought ASA to consider the integration of the design from different standpoints, focusing on overlapping closed cycles:

WASTE MANAGEMENT: coming both from toilets and kitchen, the production of compost will be used in the vegetable gardens. Their productivity will be enhanced and will allow the Centre to sell more products, have a secure income as well as a increased food production for the children.

WATER MANAGEMENT: collection and reuse of water for daily purposes. Toilets, sinks, laundry and showers will be served by a building integrated system of plastic tanks. A parallel system of underground water tanks, for a total capacity of 210.000 liters, will be activated through pedal pumps to harvest, storage and use water all year long for cleaning, cooking and irrigation.

SELF GENERATED INCOME FOR EDUCATION: the rst two systems will allow the school to increase the production and reduce the management costs of the Centre. Down the line employees salaries and services provided by ROP will increase and children will bene t though a better education and support. Consequently they will have more job opportunities in the future and more chance to reconnect with their families.

The particular arrangement of the spaces and the central position of administration block and library / playing area has been designed to identify and divide the children ows. The ow of children coming from the local communities to attend school is separated from the ow of children that live in the Centre. 
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    View of playground and library, 2015

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