Kigeme Maternity Ward

Facility implementation in existing Health Center beside Refugee Camp

    Maternity ward under construction, 2014

Year: 2014
Client: UNHCR 
Size: 850sqm
Cost: 310.000$ - 360$/sqm 

   Shading system, 2014

    Secondary entry, 2014

   Natural light and ventilation are ensured through clarestory, 2014

    Colors are used to enhance patients experience, 2014

The project for a new maternity ward was commissioned by Unicef Rwanda to serve the close Kigeme refugee Camp in Nyamagabe District. 
An integrated design strategy and the use local and sustainable building materials and techniques minimize the overall cost of the intervention. Different kind of architectural solutions were implemented in order to increase the users’ indoor comfort and to provide the best environment for mothers and the diseases treatment. 
The design includes two operation theaters, a TBC treatment area and a colorful maternity ward. The latter consists of pre-delivery room, delivery room for four mothers and post-delivery ward. These spaces, together with the interior natural lighting system, are only few of the design topics developed for the project.

Heading 3