Cultivating Communities

First prize at the Urban Urge competition 2014

    Nursery, 2015

Year: 2015
Client: Plan International - Urban Urge funds
Size: 3500sqm
Cost: 4.000$ - 200$/sqm 

    Complete meal cooked for the children, 2015

    Nyabiondo ECCD Center vegetable garden, 2015

    Cabbage growing, 2015

    Harvesting, 2015

CULTIVATING COMMUNITIES is a supplement to the foundation project of the construction and implementation of Early Childhood Development centers. The construction and cultivation of community gardens at 5 of the 8 center is thought of as a means to expand the current ECD programming with the integration of an environmental and nutritional curriculum for the center’s communities and documentation for a replicable green building prototype. In Rwanda, over 40% of children under the age of five are chronically malnourished. Overall, world food programs have noted that Rwanda is experiencing diminishing food crisis but in particular, the Bugesera region is at the highest risk in the country for food shortages and insecurity.
Our proposal divides the funding equally between each site to build and plant 5 nurseries&kitchen gardens that would be utilized to provide at least one healthy meal to the children of each community daily, while serving as a laboratory and educational tool, not just for the children but for the whole of the community. Each center has been constructed with a kitchen that can be used as a teach facility as well. 

The kitchen garden will be used to grow vegetable and promote innovative agricultural and nutritional techniques. The siting of each center takes advantage of favorable adjacencies between agricultural processes and their raw materials, establishing a classic nutrient cycle. Solid waste, processed through composting toilets can be used as fertilizer, raising public awareness of the potential productivity of every available surface. 
On one hand, the integration of a kitchen garden accompanied by nutrition and cooking curriculum within each center will address the goal to alleviate malnutrition issues for children attending the schools, as well as for the community. On the other hand, the understanding of sustainable agriculture practices will increase the awareness and behavior on the issue of stimulation, land management, climate change, nutrition and use of resources contributing to greener communities.

    Soil preparation, 2015

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