Italian Honorary Consulate building

Private offices for the Honorary Consule of Italy in Rwanda

    View of the main entry, 2016

Year: 2016
Client: Honorary Consule of Italy in Rwanda
Size: 400sqm
Cost: TBD

    Interior view, 2016

    View of the courtyard, 2016

This is a design proposal for the Italian Honorary Consulate office building. ASA has received spacific guidelines for the design from the client and tried to implement as much as possible tropical design methodologies to improve the interior confort while minimizing the costs.
Despite the very affordable and locally available materials selected for the construction, ASA proposed to address the slope through a systems of steps. The top level will be occupied by private offices, the second step by a tropical garden, the last step by the consulate and canteen. An exterior waiting area for the customers is arranged to connect garden and third step while opening towards the view of the valley.
Walls and roofs are designed to be cross ventilated and enahnce the natural lighting of the offices. A proper drainage system is integrated at all steps of the building and circulation to make the construction waterproof and damp protected during teh rainy seasons.

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