Busogo Primary School

Year: 2016-to date
Client: SVMMC - KARIT Solidarios
Size: 2200sqm
Cost: 650.000$ - 300$/sqm 

New education facility in the Northern Province

    Busogo School, phase 1 under construction, 2018

The Congretation des Soeurs de la Vierge Marie du Mont Carmel, is planning for the construction of a new School in Busogo, Musanze District. The proposal is to build a new campus with two classroom blocks for 432 Primary students, one classroom block for 75 Pre-Primary students, one Administration block, two computer labs, one workshop room, a small library, a canteen/multipurpose hall and their related services (kitchen, storage, toilets).  All the blocks will be interconnected through pathways and will adapt to the shape and topography of the site.    
The project aims to maintain the high standard of the primary education offered by the Congregation des Soeurs de la Vierge Marie du Mont Carmel, and takes the opportunity to implement environmentally and socially responsible solutions into the design, raising the sustainability of construction and operations. Moreover the new buildings will offer further education opportunities to support the prosperous development of Rwanda.

    Sketches, 2016

The design concept is based upon the geometry and the restrictive characteristics of the site. The position of each block responds to its complex topography, which has major difference of height (8m) from the lowest to the highest point. It also follows a rational distribution of the blocks according to the program: Placing the Administration block close to the plot entrance and distributing the rest of the blocks in a radial system around it results in a layout that promotes a more efficient circulation and visual surveillance. Main issues like proper light, ventilation, protection from rain and wind determine the final distribution too. The scale of the construction, the selection of materials, and the arrangement of the site all focus on creating a unique experience for the children attending the school and the community, being mindful of sustainability and development issues. In believing that the new infrastructure is part of the educational process (building as an education tool), the general design creates iconic spaces to learn, work, play, eat and host events while being connected to the beautiful natural environment of Rwanda.    

    Sketches, 2016

    Sketches, 2016

    Site plan sketch, 2016

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