Busengo Maternity Ward

Facility implementation in existing Health Center

    Colors are used to enhance building identy, 2014

    Completed maternity ward, 2014

Year: 2014
Client: Health Builders
Size: 300sqm
Cost: 60.000$ - 200$/sqm 

    Entry, 2014

    Waiting area in Busengo Maternity, 2014

    Solar chimney to enable natural ventilation, 2014

The first design idea for the maternity ward came with the purpose to tailor the standard MoH/Global fund scheme to the physical constraints of the available site in Busengo, including minor improvements/modifications to layout, size, and distribution of the required rooms. 
In an effort to maximize the available resources, the overall building footprint is kept to a maximim of 300 sqm. What we feel is very important is to connect, both physically and visually, the new maternity block with the existing buildings of the Health Center. The close proximity with the wing of the old facility, where the maternity is currently located, allows to create an outdoor covered porch space, which opens up to the stunning views of the landscape. The relationship with the exisiting block vis-a-vis is established through a exterior paving.
In terms of architectural solution which can increase the staff and patients comfort, we developed a central light well which allows for natural lighting and cross ventilation, and in general, trying to maximize the relationship with exterior spaces. A solar chimney is connected to each room and provided with a mechanical fan to enhance the interior stack ventilation.

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