Heaven Boutique Hotel

Urban oasis in the heart of Kigali

    Aerial view, 2015

Year: 2014 - to date
Client: Heaven
Size: 2000sqm
Cost: TBD

    Sketches, 2016

    Sketches, 2015

    Sketches, 2016

The purpose of the construction is to create an alternative high-end luxury hotel option from the large hotels in the area, providing a boutique experience. In addition to serving a niche clientele, the facility should attract local organizations for an alternative meeting space facility. Investing in the community and adding to Rwanda’s growing tourist economy, the project offers a varied experience from those currently being offered in Kigali. In addition to high standards for service and guest experience, the facilities themselves will be an example of modern vernacular and sustainable design in the Kigali of today.     The design concept is based upon creating an “urban oasis” for guests to benefit from the location and proximity to the central business district, while still being connected to the natural environment of Rwanda. The scale of the construction, the selection of materials, and the arrangement of the site all focus on creating a unique experience for the guest while being mindful of sustainability and development issues.     
The project has been planned using the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for New Construction and South Africa’s Green Star for guidelines and targets for sustainable design and construction. 
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