ASA pavilion 73

Year: 2019
Client: ASA Studio
Size: 25sqm

Design built exercise

ASA's pavilion is a mock-up built with the students of the 2018 internship program.

The studetns were given the topic of using local and affordable materials and the use of columns in the design was forbidden.

The result is a floating Muvula deck that gently sits on the garden green hill, a single 50cm thick compressed earth wall, and a light-structure onduline roof that seems to fly on our heads. The wall gave the students the opportunity to experiment with different percentages of cement in the mixture, respectively 5%, 0% and 20% according to the layers. We monitored how the different mixtures srunk while drying and recorded precious data for future projects. We required the roof not to be anchored to the wall, but rather stay in a balanced on the wall through a pivot hinge and simple rebars more or less tight to the ground. The result shows how it is possible ot design without columns, creating an alternative space that feels deeply conneted to the garden and the view, while offering our clients a cue for questions.

For this project we only used materials available close to our office, in order to reduce costs of transport and emissions.