RwandaNOW Animal Clinic

First wild animals clinic to be built in Nyamata for the NGO 

    View of the main access and waiting area, 2016

Year: 2016 - to date
Client: RwandaNOW
Size: 270sqm
Cost: TBD

    Site plan, 2016

    Floor Plan, 2016

    Arrangement study, 2016

The design for the first wild animals clinic in Rwanda has been of interest to ASA mostly due to the limited funds available for the construction and the necessity to use alternative, locally available and extremely affordable construction techniques.
RwandaNOW ngo requested a clininc dotated of large waiting area, pharmacy and reception, lab, one surgery room, three examination rooms, several recovery areas, one classroom, sanitation facilities, and a dwelling for the night vet.
ASA suggested the use of compressed earth blocks on stone foundations to reduce the costs of construction, while integrating simple passive devices to enhance the interior confort and enable the use of the spaces without electricity. Natural light and stack ventilation are ensured through solar chimneys and clerestories.

    Section, 2016

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